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So why don't you just send the laserdiscs back and complain?

Just to add to the rest of the comments:  the adequacy of the various
devices that my colleagues have mentioned also depends on the software that
they are using.  The older software versions I have to say are awful....
The MNR11 never worked, but it was a stepping stone onto the next version.

Benny, it is possible to move forwards technically, and not all colourists
are idiots.  So you need to get the info back to the distributor so that
they actually look into the problem.

For example, I mentioned last time that I had to endure terrible sound on
"Fallen", well last night I had to endure extremley deep green coloured tram
lines through five rolls of "Wild Creatures" in the cinema.  What also was
interesting was that the tram lines weren't straight, they wiggled, and were
in the middle and both sides!!  The dirt factor was also unbelievable.....
Of course I complained and got free tickets.....  It seems that the deal
here is that you get to see movies for free as they are bad quality.  I
would prefer to pay and have decent quality prints and sound.



> I feel compelled to respond to your posts with regard to the way I have
> been unspecific with respect to the above. I am referring to the dirt
> removal application of DVNR. I am very aware of the good it can achieve,
> it is the misuse which concerns me.

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