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Re: From Green To Blue Cars

Telecine wrote:

>         Does anyone out there ever experienced a Malachite Green (or a Turquoise
> Green) car that was shot and when it got to the telecine the color of the
> car came out Blue?  We have experienced this a couple of times already and
> the shoots vary from exteriors (with and without lights) and interiors.
>         Could there be something wrong with our TAF settings or could this be lab
> chemical-related?
> Eric Carlos

Dear Eric;
    Yes, Eric I think just about all of us who have done car commercials have
experienced this problem. The reason has to do with the dye used to sensitize the
silver halide to green light in the film. Your "Malachite Green" is a big reflector
of light in the 500 nanometer band, right on the edge between blue and green. The
sensitivity curve for the green layer drops off around 500 nanometers so the film
does not absorb much light at that wavelength. As a result the film does not see the
green in the Malachite Green hence the blue.

Solutions: First, I would start by having the Cinematographer shoot a logarithmic
gray scale. This will help you get a strong primary color balance and get you that
much closer to Malachite Green. Second, use your secondarys to "dial in" the color
the rest if the way.

Of course after all this you still face the difficulties of having the NTSC system
reproduce a blue-green color. But that's another problem.

Good Luck,
Jim Mann
Freelance colorist

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