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  Hello Benny,
 You wrote....

> snip  . I am referring to the dirt removal application of DVNR.
snip... Overuse eats away at any subtle light reflections, creating a 
distracting 'pulsating' effect.. I am also constantly seeing 
problematic transfers on AMC and TCM.
   One thing that is very distracting to me these days on television 
is the use of very high compression being used in the signal 
transmission process.   You sometimes see a sports program that is so 
highly compressed that football face masks are disappearing as the 
players move about.  I saw a baseball game on Fox recently that was 
so bad that the ball was disappearing as it flew into the outfield.  
They were showing a replay to determine if the player hit a homer 
or it went off the top of the wall and the ball was completely 
invisible as it neared the edge of the wall!   I'm not sure if it is 
the signal providers or cable companys who are badly compressing/ 
decompressing the signal.   I just find it aggravating that on Monday 
Night Football  the artifacts are some of the worse and you'd expect 
that this was a premium game.  I don't know how much compression is 
being used on AMC or TMC but I'm sure that in these cost cutting days 
that some amount is being used.   It used to be that one satellite 
transponder was used for one signal but with compression they can
jam about 9-10 programs in there.  With compression comes compression 
problems.  These can be further aggravated by signal interference, 
equipment problems with transmitters and receivers as well as poor 
quality decompressors.  These problems do look very much like the 
dirt fixing levels on a noise reducer were set too high.  To really 
determine where the picture is getting unacceptable you would have to 
work back to the original film transfer and find where it went wrong. 
It really may be that the transfer was bad but one would not really 
know until they could get their hands on the source tape.
  Yours Truly,
David Warner  
Filmgroup at Crawford Communications
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dnwarner at crawford.com

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