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This is an open-ended post, directed to anyone on the TIG
that loves the aesthetics of film.  Saw GONE WITH THE WIND
yesterday, wondering what the buzz is regarding the re-
surrection of IB Tech.  After asking that the!#$ at *&!!!
projector be focused, I got down to evaluating how the
resurrected process looked.  Most of what I saw was quite

One thing troubled me, and that was the 4 or 5 instances
where the image rolled clearly out of frame.  I am guessing
this is due to having to source pre-print from ... wherever.
I think it is clear that this return is still a work in
progress, but anyone with an eye has got to applaud the
prospect of new film projects being struck in this
process.  Who would have thought ... ???

Chip Hess

"You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead."

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