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Re: From Green To Blue Cars

> >         Does anyone out there ever experienced a Malachite Green (or a
> > Green) car that was shot and when it got to the telecine the color of
> > car came out Blue?  Could there be something wrong with our TAF
settings or could this be lab
> > chemical-related?

> Solutions: . Second, use your secondarys to "dial in" the color

	I don't know why but when something goes wrong we tend to think that the
TAF settings are the cause of the problem, we should remember that the TAF
just gives an indication of he exposure and color temperature but no more,
you will still have to manage with greenish skin tones and all that sort of
things, at this point you have to use masking and secondaries, not just
primaries, to get a well balanced image, this is why I have posted quite
often about the importance of telecine internal secondaries, they allow you
to have a more advanced primary grading, which I find essential, before you
get into your DCP or DaVinci, all telecines should have it.
	 BTW, I am not sure Cintel is doing the right thing with their Huefx, it
gives them hard work (they already have enough I guess), they should make
it simple, maybe a dozen vectors with HLS isolation and that's it, I will
still be grading and controlling with Pogle and Da Vinci anyway.


	JC Soret


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