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Noisey Transfer impossible Question.

		I'm looking for any thoughts on this subject, because I realise that a
definitive answer is absoloutely impossible.
The Transfer was done on a high end Machine ( Either a Diamond or a Spirit, I
don't believe the machine was crucial  to what I am asking about) The negative
was one stop under exposed, 16mm, much of the frame contained black ( about a
third was solid black, withought other obstructions).
In the transfer room, the image looked pretty decent. However I thought it was
a little noisey. I was informed that the Noise reducers were on full. Since I
had been given Bad Directions I missed the first 15 minutes of the transfer,
when the crucial Noise Reduction was applied. This was before I caught the
whole warning of overusing Noise Reducers. 
As I said the image in the monitor in the Transfer room looked very clean.
However in subsequent Edits, and Dubs from the Digi beta the transfer was
recorded on, there is What looks like Video noise? White dots, very small and
in a fixed pattern seemingly strobing. I have not been able to see the
original Digi-beta of the transfer, but We did not see this in the Telecine
Suite, only after. It is on every copy, and dub, and edited peice made from
the Digi-beta.
This leads me to wonder if it is an Artifact of A ( read any brand because I
don't know what kind the place had) Noise Reducer or Noise reduction
technique. Re-transferring is not economically feasible at this time. I'm just
curious if from this very vague Verbal description any one has any feelings on
what it might be. From a Noise reductin process, to a bad cable somewhere or
whatever. I hope to get a chance to look at the Digibeta somewhen next week. 
On a slightly divirgent note:
			Given all the discussion of the over use of noise reduction technigue, has
any one done a test to see the effects of noise reduced material versus non
noise reduced material, going straight from the Telecine Bay to an AVID or
Other Digitising system? And how the images are affected down the whole post
production path?

Thanks for any responses, 
Steven Gladstone ( Cinematographer )

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