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Re: From Green To Blue Cars

>I found the same thing happening on a pool table that came out blue instead of
>green.  I posted a message but no one seemed to have a any good ideas!!!
>>         Does anyone out there ever experienced a Malachite Green (or a Turquoise
>> Green) car that was shot and when it got to the telecine the color of the
>> car came out Blue?
I have seen this effect when shooting pool tables on video with a multi-
camera setup.  All the colors were correct, except that the green (to the
eye) pool table was quite blue on all cameras when viewed on the line
monitor. Made for an interesting conversation with the client.

Film layer and telecine response was clearly not involved. The best I could
come up with was that the nap of the felt somehow changed the reflected
light, but this obviously wouldn't affect car photography on film.


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