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Re: Noisey Transfer impossible Question.

What did Von Klauswitz say about the 
past.... oh yeah; those who forget it are 
doomed to repeat it!

Here is what happened in your transfer: the 
facility that you transferred at fed the 
digibeta with a D1 signal, and it was 
recorded in digital component. All of the 
work done after telecine was accomplished 
using the composite output of the digibeta. 

The encoder in all digibetas was designed 
for monitoring purposes only. In other 
words, the composite output of the digibeta 
is intended for verifying that there is a 
picture on the videotape, and nothing more.

The encoder in all digibetas is lacking the 
proper bandpass filtering to make a  correct 
composite picture. What is the effect of no 
filtering? Spurious grain, strange looking 
noise in the picture, occasional fixed 
pattern looking noise. Bad looking video.

How do you fix it? 

Go back to the facility that made the 
transfer and request a dub to any composite 
format, like D2 through a "reference 
grade" encoder, like an Accom D-Bridge or 
Leitch CES-3500, or have them make an analog 
component dub to beta SP. 

Make sure that the Beta SP dub is made 

How do you avoid these problems in the 
future? If you must record to Digibeta,
specify that you want the recording made
using the component analog input of the vtr 
instead of the serial digital input.

You will have no problems if you use the 
analog component inputs.

For all you tech-heads lurking in the 
background: in tests at SMA, we have 
measured that an analog component recordings 
made on Digibeta have 1 db less signal to 
noise ratio than recordings made on the 
same machine using the serial digital  

It is a minor trade-off.

Dave Satin
Executive Vice President       212.226.7474/V
Director of Engineering        212.941.0439/F
SMA Video Inc.

100 6th Avenue 10th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10013-1689

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