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Re: Noisey Transfer impossible Question.

Hi Steven,

One of the strangest cases of sparkes in a digital video picture I ever dealt
with was when a fan on a Rank Digiscan started going bad.  It was radiating
noise at some frequency the Digiscan happened to take a liking to, but instead
of the classic analog breakup one would expect, it caused a pattern of dots to
run through the digital output, almost like a bad cable or interface chip.
The only thing was, if you put your hand over the fan and blocked the air, the
motor sped up, and the dot pattern changed!

Be aware that in some telecine suites, particularly older ones that have been
upgraded over the years, you may be looking at an analog signal on an analog
monitor, while recording a digital signal on a digital recorder.  Under such
circumstances, it is possible that a problem in the digital path could affect
the recording without being apparent in the transfer session.  Most suites
have repeat monitors to watch what the machine is actually doing, but what you
describe might have been very hard to see on a small screen--assuming anybody
was paying attention.

I recommend that you get a hold of the master tape(s) ASAP and check it (them)
very carefully.  If the sparkles did not come from your film, and are in fact
recorded onto the master tapes, there isn't a thing that can be done about it
short of painting them out frame-by-frame.  A re-transfer of the material
would be the proper corrective action, which the facility will hopefully offer
to do at no cost after they get their system bugged out.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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