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panoramic film?

Can someone help David Wei with the following question? Please be sure
to direct your responses to him at the email address
jenston at public.guangzhou.gd.cn
--thank you.

On 7/2/98 at 13:36, jenston at public.guangzhou.gd.cn (jenston) wrote:

 Dear Rob:
     We have an old film directed in 1940s.We are going to show this film 
 on a panoramic screen by three projectores.We need your help:
     1,Because the original film was not produced by a panoramic
 camera,is it possible for you to transfer it into panaoramic video.
     2,Of course,you should greately improve the quality of video
 transfered from the film.Is it possible?
     3,The film is about 300 minutes.If you can do those above,how much
  does it cost?
     Please give me your answer as soon as possible.

     David Wei

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