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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

Mike Most wrote:

    snip "Fox Broadcasting here is preparing to broadcast film originated
programming in 480p/24 FPS this coming season (on a separate digital feed). The
advantage is that it can be sourced from current standard 525/60 601 masters
(pulling out 3:2 pulldown)."end snip

I'am curious if you know of a magic box out there that does this? And if editors
have kept the 3:2 consistant through the show. If you do no of a box please tell
if you can. The latest I have heard is that Fox is talking about 720p  at  24fps
for feature film and 480p  at  30fps for the rest. The problem with 720p right now
is shy of a Panasonic VTR and a monitor there is no other production equipment
out there yet. Open standards are a wonderful thing for post production.

Howard Lukk
I.V.C. Burbank

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