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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

On Wed, 08 Jul 1998 13:28:13 -0700, you wrote:
>By the way, every receiver manufacturer that has announced a HDTV product line has
>said that they will NOT display 720p! They will convert to 480p or 1080i because the
>720 scan frequency is simply to high and costly to drive bigger monitors. So why are
>broadcasters insisting on a format that will (at least in the short term) never be
>directly displayed?? And why should post houses go broke creating it when there is
>an easier anwser??
Because the computer hardware and software giants are really really really
pushing hard for it. You can control the content if you can control its
form and display.

And some of the broadcast networks (all of whom are losing overall viewer
share at an alarming rate but are in public denial about it) are in such a
huge panic that they are willing to let the wolf in the door and are
willing to push its agenda, hoping against hope that it will not, in the
long run, tear their throats out, which of course is exactly what it will
do (dramatic, ain't it?).


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