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720 issues

Tom and all...

I didn't want to suggest that I am against (or for) progressive scanned images,
nor am I critical of the ATV delivery formats. What I am pleading for is a
uniform standard of work being done at the facility level to produce film
imaging now for ATV distribution. 1080i film deinterlaced, and eventually native
1080p, will produce excellent 720p product. Existing HD telecines and the coming
terminal gear to support them are capable of meeting that need. Format
conversion is mature enough to handle this easily.

As to native progressive formats, it is unreasonable to ask for gear to be
produced and purchased  to master 720 if we are within a year or so of native
1080p for post production  gear to be available.

As to the MPEG issue, even 1080i film material will be pumped down the pipe
de-interlaced so the 24fps film based stuff is already there. There is a good
point made that 720 may compress better, although I am not convinced of this
myself, but geez! we don't even have commercially available units yet. That
technology will mature just like the display devices will.

My point is that we should shoot for the highest possible image format. 1920 x
1080 i or p for film is the high ground.We should make our stand there! Whatever
gets sent down the wire is fine, mastering needs to protect the original image
and future-proof the product as best it can.

Ron Martin
Universal High Definition Telecine Center
ron at dvcc.com

Tom McMahon wrote:

> If you take the time to read ABC's and Fox's statements, you will find that
> their research has led them to conclude that progressive emission formats
> also compress better, produce a better quality delivered picture through an
> MPEG-2 compression channel, and better match all of the emerging display
> technologies - better quality delivered to the consumer than, for example
> 1080I through the same fixed-bitrate channel.]

> [TLM - That's utter nonsense.  You may have failed to note that
> Matsushita/Panasonic, ABC, Disney, Fox, News, NDS, Bell Labs, TI, NTV,
> Gennum, Leitch, some PBS management, and even some parts of NBC and CBS are
> also in favor of progressive transmission formats.  You've also probably
> failed to notice that Fujitsu and others have started announcing 720P and
> 768P flat panel display technologies.   Yes, CRTs are somewhat cheaper right
> now, and they can produce 1080I at a lower price point than 720P native
> (albeit maybe at lower actual resolution), but I wouldn't be my business on
> that remaining status quo for very long.]

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