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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

>You and I will never agree on this issue because I find it impossible to
>believe that the company you represent here is concerned with anything but
>their own gain in this

Why is it that it is wrong for MS to be concerned about their own gains and
future when BY DEFINITION this is what EVERY business is about.  From the
corner bakery to the local Post House, to a Major Network or Bank.  A
business not acting in the pursuit of profits and self-preservation
eventually goes "poof" and disappears!

I happen to think that the TV industry needs fresh thinking.  I find it
laughable that a meeting of our greatest minds came up with some THIRTY+
different standards, some of which are nothing less than stupid, and no
clear direction for the industry to follow.  We shouldn't even be arguing
about what standard we should be going to.... it should have been engineered
properly from the beginning.  They blew the opportunity to put the whole
world on a single and reasonable standard.  There should have been no
questions at this point, only a rush to implement.

I also happen to think that the computer industry --companies like MS,
Apple, SGI, etc-- have a lot of this fresh thinking we need to see.  Take
MS, for example, they have always been about what is reasonable to implement
based on where the technology curve is at the moment.  If you can't build
it, sell it and use it right now, it is not a good business decision.

It is my point of view that what should have been done was the definition of
a 24fps progressive scan standard that included a minimum legal resolution
along with a mechanism to deliver higher resolutions if required (via some
sort of a format id header transmitted with every frame or every few
frames).  Period.  Nothing else.  Let technology, time, money, consumers, TV
and equipment manufacturers escalate to higher resolution formats.

A twenty-four frame per second format would save tape, disk storage,
bandwidth and would be perfectly usable.  After all, ALL film production
pretty much uses 24fps, and I don't see anyone complaining.  TV set
manufacturers could then try to beat each other at the game of who includes
the best frame rate converter in a set.  Very soon you'd see very economical
solutions to doing the 3/2 --or whatever-- pulldown AT THE SET.

>I also don't believe that the next major step in
>television standards should  be pushed by a group with little to no
>broadcast, production, or post production experience who are urging us to
>settle for "good enough" just so they can widen their presence and

Wilbur and Orville Wright had no previous experience in the design,
specification and construction of airplanes... much less flying.  Yet they
did a good job of starting us on "the next major step" in transportation.

I think the TV industry has needed a shot in the arm and a kick in the ass
for a long time.

... Just my (never) humble opinion.


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