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RE: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

> You and I will never agree on this issue because I find it impossible to
> believe that the company you represent here is concerned with anything but
> their own gain in this

Microsoft is a company.  Its sole purpose is to make as much money as it
This is the sole purpose of most companies (at least those that survive).
Companies that only existed for "the good of the people" disappeared with 
the collapse of the Soviet Union.

> I also don't believe that the next major step in
> television standards should  be pushed by a group with little to no
> broadcast, production, or post production experience who are urging us to
> settle for "good enough" just so they can widen their presence and
> influence.

As opposed to the Microsoft's, Oracle's and Sun's of the world having to
about us in "traditional" post and broadcast, perhaps for our own survival
should be learning a lot more about them.  The playing field is about to

Jeff Dewolde
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