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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

>Why is it that it is wrong for MS to be concerned about their own gains and
>future when BY DEFINITION this is what EVERY business is about.
Because they are a de facto monopoly, and as such have to have different
standards than the bakery or the post house.

While I did not intend for this to become a debate about Microsoft, I do
find it interesting that they have at least one person on staff whose job
seems to include monitoring what is probably the most technically oriented
video forum on the net (with a remarkable subscription base of industry
movers and shakers and standards setters), and who jumps in whenever
someone (usually me) makes some comment about his company which implies
they are less than saintly in word and deed.

So let me generalize: ANY company which controls well over 80% of its
technological field worldwide, and whose technology directly interacts with
the lives of scores of millions of people a day, and which has the money
and power to set global standards in its field, and has in the past more
than once ruthlessly destroyed or attempted to destroy its competitors
(real or perceived) as well as many who have partnered with it, should,
when attempting to branch out to other fields in which it is not currently
involved, be looked upon with great suspicion and distrust. 

Wow, didn't think I'd be able to get that all in a single sentence like
that :-).

>Wilbur and Orville Wright had no previous experience in the design,
>specification and construction of airplanes... much less flying.  Yet they
>did a good job of starting us on "the next major step" in transportation.
Sorry, but Orville and Wilbur were inventing fresh technology, not telling
Rolls how to make the next version of the jet engine. They were innovators.

If Microsoft has some innovative plans on implementation of new, never
before seen technology, I'm all ears. Based on past performance, the
likelihood of that happening approaches zero. They have the best marketing
on the planet, but they're not real strong creatively.

>I think the TV industry has needed a shot in the arm and a kick in the ass
>for a long time.
I agree, but that's not the same as having Bill's hands around its throat.
>... Just my (never) humble opinion.
Yeah, me too.

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