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Re: Format Converters etc.

On Jul 12, 19:10, Tom McMahon wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] Format Converters & Concatenated Format Conversions

> (If you don't feel comfortable favoring one vendor on a public list
> please send me mail privately.  Answers are for my consumption only. 
> This is for a demo I am working on for the fall and I am wondering
> which equipment I

Tom, I think a survey such as this should be sent through me first
before posting to the TIG.  

The general policy is that the main TIG is not to be used for
surveys... I do however in some cases post such surveys *for TIG
supporters* on the telecine-announce mailinglist. 

I don't see how you could have missed the numerous messages I've
posted about this over the months and years, but to repeat here, the
TIG is run completely out-of-pocket by me, and there are substantial
costs involved.  Anyone --company or individual-- who uses it to
further their career, and in your case rather directly, is expected to
make a contribution.  Details can be found at

Rob Lingelbach
TIG admin

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