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Re: resolution?

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From: John J Galt <johngalt at earthlink.net>
To: Craig Nichols <craign at earthlink.net>; telecine at alegria.com
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Date: 13 July 1998 07:10
Subject: Re: [TIG] resolution?
>Craig Nichols wrote:
>I will not comment on the optical performance of specific systems or
>telecines. ...........this is a complex subject, if you
>would like me to elaborate I will do so privately, or publicly, if there is
>enough general interest in this subject.

Please do, I'm sure the relative performance of telecine optic's and more
specifically the advances made in recent years is of enormous interest to
fellow TIGers.
For example, the what about the optics used in Cintel's HD MK3 - how do they
compare with whats available today?

Geoff Cooper
Molinare, London
gci44 at dial.pipex.com

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