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Cintel Changes


When, in May 1997, we completed our management buyout of Cintel and Brimar,
one of our greatest concerns was that of the company's image.  We were
criticised for being stuffy, dull and out of touch with our market. 
Frequently, we were accused of being arrogant.  On taking over as Cintel's
managing director at the beginning of the year, I set out a programme to
completely change our corporate image.

Part of that programme was a reorganisation of our internal structure,
including some very significant management changes.  The last part of that
programme is implemented today.  For the immediate future, I will be taking
personal charge of sales and marketing worldwide. David Fenton the current
Sales and Marketing Director will cease to have an active role in the
Company as from today.

David has been with Cintel for over 20 years, and has seen a great deal of
change in that time.  In particular, he was instrumental in creating, with
the URSA family, the concept of the telecine as a vital creative tool.  I
salute him for all he has done for Cintel.

Realignment of the sales team - appointing Brad Hunt in the USA, and
bringing Clive Haward into a direct sales and marketing role - is the final
step in the changes at Cintel.  I am confident we are now in a position to
support you, the telecine industry, in the fashion in which you would like
to be served.

Rob: if the nature of this post has offended your rules against advertising
then I humbly apologise.  I do believe, though, that many of your
subscribers will be interested in its content.  If anyone has any comments
or concerns, please feel free to call me at the factory, or e-mail me at
100567.2412 at compuserve.com.

Adrian J Rees
Cintel Managing Director

Thanks to Queue Systems and Lipsner Smith for support in 1998.
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