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Re: 720 issues

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Date: den 9 juli 1998 07:06
Subject: RE: 720 issues

People still confuse the acquisition/production formats with the
>post production formats and the encoding, emission and display formats.  In
>the digital television era all of these can and will be different.


>people in this business are far to used to working in a mode where the
>Telecine resolution is the same as the color correction resolution and
>that's that same as the transmission and display resolution.  NOT ANY MORE.
>Witness the Spirit.  Things are going to change quickly.

Its been in front of our eyes for along time know.

>It is entirely feasible that for 1-2 decades much of the high value content
>will be acquired at 2K resolution and yet displayed for the bulk of
>consumers at no more than 480P DTV resolution (twice today's NTSC
>resolution).  That in itself is not a bad thing.

Its a GREAT thing as 480P originating at 2K looks better  than 480P
originating in 480P

 For consumers, just going
>DTV is the biggest step.  What other countries do for emission remains to
Look towards Europe where it is a bit diffrent actually, more relaxed and
more embracing DTV-computer technology

But it certainly won't all be HDTV (whatever the heck that is).

Yeah what is it? (please dont take on this question)
>the capabilities of the actual consumer displays will be all over the map.
>(From NTSC analog to 480I to 1080I to flat panels and DLPs.)


>It is of the utmost importance that the acquisition/production formats be
>the highest resolution possible consistent with the business at hand.


>Subsequent production steps may make certain tradeoffs.   But the use of
>1080-type Telecine technologies would be a big step forward, independent of
>what gets eventually transmitted.  The only thing that would be really
>important would be the consistency of the 3:2 pull down sequence.  If we
>keep that pristine then the emission format becomes irrelevant to the
>acquisition format if 1080I is used for storage and archiving of the
>original content.

The choices of frame rate should, and with DTV can be, the choice of
sufficient ;
1. Temporal resolution
2. Flicker
3. Allowable bitrate
Nothing else. Particularly not what used to be tradition (i.e 60 or 50 Hz)

/mike reichel

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