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Universal code reading head

Hi all,
Am presently battling through the process of evaluating Timecode Reading
for installation in our Telecine Suite.
One interesting item to come on the market recently is the
5550 Decoder & UV-3 Universal Film Data Reader from Evertz.
With it's dual code and dual film size reading capabilities it seems like an
answer to an infuriating problem.
Is there anybody out there with hands-on experience of this unit, also of
the Evertz key-log system connected?
The Aaton system has had pretty good coverage over the years here, so I'm
pretty up on that, but there seems to have been no mention of the Evertz
I don't mind if you reply privately, as I don't want this to be a product
marketing exercise, I simply want some down-to-earth information from
someone who has or is using this system.
I don't work for either manufacturer.

Peter Balfour
Icon Digital Post
Melbourne, Australia
biff at broadcast-rentals.com.au
ph: (61 3)   9646 6755
fx:  (61 3)   9646 6845

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