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RE: ATV / DTV Standards

Martin Euredjian - in his otherwise excellent comments, suggests:-
 >>to agree on what 35mm film resolution is, and simply work in
of this<<

It's a common assumption that film resolution is going to stand still.
If it had done so in the past 20 years, then the original HDTV aims of
1125/ 1250 wouldn't have fallen as far short as they do now. Negative is
getting better all the time. How long before we got to "1.5x res" or
"double res"?

Still, I like the idea of fractional standards: it's reminiscent of a
common name for the 16mm film format when it first came in as a
non-professional film format in the "standard" world of 35mm film of the
1930s. 16mm was simply "sub-standard".  I believe a film processing
laboratory operated with that name for many years.

  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia


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