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48 fps(was Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?)

Veenotph at aol.com wrote:

> Why 48 FPS? Why not 16 or 18 FPS? Played back at the speed it was recorded,
> won't it look nice? 24 FPS was only introduced for sound reasons ( SO I've
> been lead to understand)
> I must admit to never doing a comparison of images shot at 24 versus 48, so
> I'm not sure what you are after.
I thought the POV was 48-50fps, hence frames are played twice in film to
avoid 'flicker'. I'm curious on how 48fps played twice would look...

Since I know nothing about HDTV or ATV really. Did they UP the frame
rate to 48-50fps? or leave it at 24-30fps to save on bandwidth?

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