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Re: 48 fps(was Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?)

 The DTV spec allows for 23.98 (or 24), 29.97 (or 30 eventually) and 59.94
(eventually 60) frames per second. Interlaced originated material will be shown
at 30 frames/60 fields per seconds. Progressive formats can be captured at 30 or
60 frames per second. Film material  will be captured at 24 FPS interlaced (3/2
included to get 30FPS) or progressive. The decoder side, however, is another
story. 24 frame film material will be sent down the MPEG stream as a progressive
signal. The decoder will extract the frames and add 3/2 interlacing at the output
to the display. Progressive video signals will have the option of 480p 30fps or
1080i 30.

Unfortunatly, the idea of 48hz or 72hz refresh rates for DTV never made it to
final implementation.

Ron Martin
Universal Studios HD Telecine Center
ron at dvcc.com

Nelson Yu wrote:

> Since I know nothing about HDTV or ATV really. Did they UP the frame
> rate to 48-50fps? or leave it at 24-30fps to save on bandwidth?

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