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Re: ATV / DTV Standards

>It's a common assumption that film resolution is going to stand still.

No, we all understand that film has been improving steadily.  However, the
fact still remains that film is so far ahead of electronics in terms of
information per unit of storage and cost that, if you used today's accepted
resolution figures you'd have a usable set of numbers for a long-long time.
The number I had in mind for full film resolution was about 4000 pixels
horizontally by whatever it turns out to be verically.  My thoughts for an
extensible standard would not prevent you from doing work at two times film
resolution in the year 2300 when we figure out how to move that much
information economically.

>Still, I like the idea of fractional standards

I think it would be so easy to sell that it would make a big difference in
the transition process.  You could go to your client and say:  "All networks
will accept DTV at resolutions from 1/4F to 1F.   Here are the
cost-of-production figures.  This is what it looks like when you
up/down/side convert.  What resolution would you like?"


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