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Re: Re: Wright Bros.

>I know the Wrights worked with Octave Chanute, but were they aware of
>Langley's efforts, or did they use his work in any way as a basis for
>their own?  My impression is that it was Chanute's influence on the
>aerodynamic front that propelled the Wrights.

I'm not sure about that.  I'd have to do some research to find out.
Check out the site I mentioned in my note.  It's the Wrights own accounts on
the events leading to their first flights.  It's interesting and also neat
to read about some of the real life aspects of what they had to endure...
like the day before the flight finding Wilbur and Orville on the roof of
their storage barn nailing the roof down because it was about to be blown
apart by the wind... and Wilbur (I think) complaning that he hit his fingers
more than the nails because the wind was so strong that he couldn't guide
the hammer consistently!!!


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