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Discreet Logic demo at Tape House

Hello there,
     Last night I attended a demonstration of the combination of the Spirit
Datacine and Discreet Logic's Fire at the Tape House in New York.  I am
still trying to find my socks!
     For all the talk of different HD and DTV standards that has been going
on here, there appears to be an elegant solution.  John Dowdell demonstrated
the sending of Spirit data files to the Fire, after which a team of folks
from Discreet Logic demonstrated how easy it was to output the edited
results to any format desired including NTSC and PAL!  Multiple masters in
different formats from 1080i to NTSC are easily obtained without
     The HD images out of John's suite were breathtaking.  Up till then I
had only seen the Spirit in 601 digital.  The HD and data images are
improved by a few orders of magnitude.  It was a revelation!
     Those images are easily transferred to the Fire.  At this time the
HIPPI interface limits 2k data to 6fps, but within two years that barrier
should be gone.  We were jokingly talking about using 601 digital as an
off-line medium, then retransferring selects as data!
     After the demo John personally gave our group a tour of the Tape House.
I'd like to thank him publicly for giving of his time and providing everyone
with the demonstration.  Thanks also to the folks from Discreet Logic for a
very exciting demonstration of a product that seems to answer most of the
Hi-Def questions I've seen raised here!
      In closing, a standard disclaimer - I do not work for Phillips or
Discreet Logic (though I do run a Spirit and Shooters Post and Transfer has
taken delivery of a Fire!) and receive no compensation for this
announcement.  I was just given a glimpse of the future and wanted to share
it with you.  And I'm certain that there will be many other exciting options
in the near future from other manufacturers!

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post and Transfer

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