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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

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Date: den 14 juli 1998 06:23
Subject: [TIG] 480P - Anyone know what this is?

>In a message dated 07/13/1998 10:58:10, you wrote:
><<Get film people to record at two perf, 48 fps and
>you achieve something.>>
>Yes, you do, A mess.
>why 48 FPS at two perf? Is it to keep the amount of film used at a higher
>frame rate the same? Of course this only works in 35mm, as in 16mm ( and
>16mm) the frame is in between two perfs, so therefore shooting 48 FPS in 16
>will use film twice as fast.

Just about theonly bad thing you could say about film today is that its
temporal resolution is so poor. This manifests itself particularly well in
the TV domain in shape of aliasing, apart from the problem with the poor
temporal portrayal to begin with.

Yes, the idea is to get twice as many frames per time period as before. Also
the exposed area would be wider allowing better use as a "film for video
format". As for the issue with 16mm would this be a real brainer to
overcome? As film has become so much better since these formats where
adopted is it not time that it was used to keep the media alive? This is
certainly not the first time this idea was put forward, now it could be done
as well - the need is there.

>Why 48 FPS? Why not 16 or 18 FPS? Played back at the speed it was recorded,
>won't it look nice? 24 FPS was only introduced for sound reasons ( SO I've
>been lead to understand)

Dont you think IMAX looks better?

>I must admit to never doing a comparison of images shot at 24 versus 48, so
>I'm not sure what you are after.

Its motion portrayal and aliasing issues here. Any one have idea how we
perceive grain structures at higher frame rates? My guess is it will just
get better.

>Steven Gladstone ( 90/36 Feet per minute is pretty nice)

Mike Reichel (interlace sucks)

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