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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

On Jul 16, 12:48, "Mikael Reichel" wrote:
} Subject: Re:  [TIG] 480P - Anyone know what this is?

> Just about theonly bad thing you could say about film today is that its
> temporal resolution is so poor.

One can also make the point that film's lower temporal resolution is
esthetically pleasant.  We've had this discussion here before, and
there were arguments on both sides-- I think we agreed, a few years
ago, that many of us have different ideas about our favorite frame
rates.. personally, the prospect of the feature films I like to see at
the movie theatre being shown at frame rates higher than 24 fps does
not excite me, particularly.

> Dont you think IMAX looks better?

Can someone refresh my memory as to IMAX's frame rate as projected?
IMAX's high resolution lends itself well to its typical subject
content-- scientific documentaries and the like.  Musing about an
IMAX feature, I must admit that I'd love to see something like
"Remains of the Day" shot in IMAX.


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