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RE: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

> >Why 48 FPS? Why not 16 or 18 FPS? Played back at the speed it was
> recorded,
> >won't it look nice? 24 FPS was only introduced for sound reasons ( SO
> I've
> >been lead to understand)
	>>Dont you think IMAX looks better?

	Only if you're looking for an image that more closely mimics
reality, which is not necessarily "better" if you're trying to present a
dramatic narrative. In previous discussions, many of us here have discussed
the "departure from reality" that film presents so elegantly. Frame rates
slower than human eye perception help to achieve this. Personally, I think
if you're trying to mimic reality for electronic presentation, you should be
shooting video, which has more "immediacy." If you're trying to tell a
story, film is often a better visual storyteller. At 24 FPS.

> >I must admit to never doing a comparison of images shot at 24 versus 48,
> so
> >I'm not sure what you are after.
	>>Its motion portrayal and aliasing issues here. Any one have idea
how we
	>>perceive grain structures at higher frame rates? My guess is it
will just
	>>get better.

	Please refer to the previous paragraph.

	Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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