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Re: Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

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<<Just about theonly bad thing you could say about film today is that its

temporal resolution is so poor. This manifests itself particularly well in

the TV domain in shape of aliasing, apart from the problem with the poor

temporal portrayal to begin with.

Yes, the idea is to get twice as many frames per time period as before. Also

the exposed area would be wider allowing better use as a "film for video

format". As for the issue with 16mm would this be a real brainer to


Not sure what you mean by temporal resolution.
How will shooting two perfs instead of four make the negative wider? Unless
you are reffering to the ratio of width to height, but just only pulling two
perfs per frame will not magically make the actual width of the Negative
And this two perf scheme? is the idea to maintain the aspect ratio? that would
mean an optical ( or electronic) stretching ( anamorphosizing ) of the
vertical of the image ( stretching it). Now that would mean I suppose someone
saying that there is less resolution or some other complaint. Unless the idea
is to only shoot two perf, and keep it ONLY in a wide screen aspect ratio. I
am not sure what two perf height, by academy width gives one, let alone using
the whole ( super 35) width.
As for more perfs in 16mm, it already does exist, it is called double 8, and
it can be run through a 16mm camera, however then you can only shoot standard
and not super 16.  Or is the intent to redesign the 16mm camers, or take
double eight millimeter cameras, grind out the gate so it is wide screen, and
run them at 48? 
Either way, I'm not sure how shooting a higher frame rate on a smaller
negative gives you a better image.

Steven ( dazed and confused) Gladstone

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