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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

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From: Mike Most <mmost at encorevideo.com>
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Date: den 16 juli 1998 19:49
Subject: RE: [TIG] 480P - Anyone know what this is?

> Only if you're looking for an image that more closely mimics
>reality, which is not necessarily "better" if you're trying to present a
>dramatic narrative.

In previous discussions, many of us here have discussed
>the "departure from reality" that film presents so elegantly. Frame rates
>slower than human eye perception help to achieve this.

Personally, I think
>if you're trying to mimic reality for electronic presentation, you should
>shooting video, which has more "immediacy."

Thats a real can of worms there.But dont you think thatb feeling of
immediacy has more to do with the much more careless shooting that video
offers w.r.t to film which normally demands a more careful and planned

If you're trying to tell a
>story, film is often a better visual storyteller. At 24 FPS.

Are you saying a story gets better if the temporal resolution is reduced?
Being a bit provicative is that not giving little credit to authors and
Actually, in my opninion the lowe frame rate is a creative threshold that
most photographers are acutely aware of and limits them in scope of camera
movement. That "better" story telling is thus nothing but the limitations
imposed. Those limitations, for the sake of story telling, could be used in
any higher order media.

> >>Its motion portrayal and aliasing issues here. Any one have idea
>how we
> >>perceive grain structures at higher frame rates? My guess is it
>will just
> >>get better.

The point is that film as used for electronic distribution is not used at
its best. Film is and could still be for a long while a really future proof

/mike reichel

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