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After the first year...

Dear TIG:
     It had occurred to me not long ago that it has been a little over a
year since I moved to my new digs.  As I had such a wonderful outpouring of
support from TIG members during those incredibly heady days, I thought an
anniversary follow-up might be worthwhile.
     The first thing I'd like to say is that we all share a wonderful job!
There comes with this work a certain creative satisfaction from helping our
clients realize their projects.  Who amongst us cannot recall a marginal
shot saved by the judicious use of our skills?  Or the sheer joy of seeing a
wonderful shot tweaked to perfection?  We live on the border between craft
and art, and to me what we do is a little bit magic.   Every day I go to
work brings something different to explore.  There are nuances within
nuances that are there for the seeing.
     We build relationships with our clients, coming to know their
individual styles.  We exchange jokes, tell stories, and share in life's
moments.  We push ourselves and our equipment to its limits in helping
people realize their images.  And it is incredible fun.
     Now the truth is,  I felt exactly the same way when I was in the
trenches, so to speak, operating equipment that was less than the state of
the art.  It didn't matter, I still took it to the limits of what it had.
It was rewarding.   I can't tell you it's not better operating a top-flight
system, it is!  But all the same it is always the dynamics of the session
itself, the act of creating the images, that brings the joy of this job.
     To my colleagues, I extend my eternal thanks.  To Giorgio Malfitone,
now at DuArt in New York, I thank you for believing in me when I started.
You taught me well, concertmeister, and I thank you for my start.  To the
many colorists with whom I've worked over the years, I thank you for sharing
your philosophies and techniques.  To those of you on this list who have
shared stories and information, I thank you too.  Over the time I've been a
member of the TIG I've come to meet quite a few of you in person, and you
are a great bunch of people.  And to Rob Linglebach, who started this
amazing list, my deepest gratitude.  I'm very proud to finally be a personal
contributor to this forum, and I urge all of us to help Rob maintain this
wonderful and informative list.
     I would also like to thank the manufactures of our equipment.  There
are so many wonderful firms dealing in telecines and related equipment it
would be impossible to single any of you out without being unfair to the
rest (I tried, and deleted!).  We thank you for monitoring this list and for
being sensitive to our needs.  We thank you for pushing the envelope in your
designs, for giving us more and more handles to help us and our clients on
our vision quests.  You are all amazing!  Bravo!!
     To the owners and visionaries of our facilities, I thank you for
providing us with the tools we need and the vision to lead the industry.
Today's facilities are hotbeds of creativity, and for all the energy and
capital you invested in this industry,  we are deeply appreciative.  There
was an accountant at one facility I worked at who often bemoaned that video
post was not a glamour profession: the overhead was too high, and the
equipment would become obsolete before amortization.  He always thought it
would make more sense to run a garbage disposal service - steady clients,
constant supply, and low overhead.  So Thank You for not choosing to open a
refuse hauling service!
     Additional thanks have to go to our facilities supporting troops: the
Engineering staff, the schedulers, and the Account Execs who help us glide
our clients through the mazes and keep things up and running.  And to our
fellow professionals, the editors, artists, and audio wizards who populate
our worlds.
     Finally, we should thank our clients.  It is their vision that we help
shape, and it is their faith in us and our facilities that keep us employed.
And the clients constitute a rich mix - we have directors, directors of
photography, art directors, producers, creatives, lighting directors present
in various combinations at our sessions, each bringing their own perspective
to the project, each shedding a little light from a different direction,
light which models the final outcome of the transfer.  Thanks to you all for
your business.
     So after a year, do I feel different?  Yes and no!  No because at every
stage in my career I cared deeply about what I was doing, as do we all.  Yes
because our industry just keeps on getting better and better.  As we stand
at the doorway to HDTV, let's all take a breath and look at where we've
been.  The industry has had its share of snags (remember the Rainbow
Patent?) but has surely come a long way from its TK-27 Chromacomped
beginnings!  I saw my first HDTV this week up in New York, and it was
gorgeous.  It won't be long before we will be working with it.  Gotta love
     So, Thanks again to all of you.  We are all incredibly lucky to be in
this profession.  It's not brain surgery, but you do have to be on your
toes.  Please know that each of you reading this has my profound respect,
for I know what it takes to get where you are.
     Thanks for letting me say this.  I know I'm talking too much, but hey,
I haven't harangued you folks like this in about a year.  Figured it was
about time.  Besides, somebody has to say it.
     Life is good.

Your colleague,
Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post And Transfer, Senior Colorist

formerly at
Modern Video Productions, Philadelphia
Century III Teleproductions, Boston
Magno Video, New York
Devlin, New York

Thanks to you all!!

Thanks to James Erickson & Dennis Mahaffay for support in 1998.
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