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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

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From: Rob Lingelbach <rob at alegria.com>

Dear Rob et al.

>I think Mikael you're interpreting Mr. Most (most) narrowly; he isn't
>saying the "story gets better" but that film is a better storyteller,
>and at a temporal resolution of a nominal 24fps.  The point has
>nothing to do with authors and photographers; broadly speaking, it has
>more to do with fiction vs. non-fiction.  Film's ability to evoke,
>interpret, and suggest has more to do with its removal from, rather
>than its proximity to, reality.

But that is precisely my point. The reason film has "fallen into",  "got
stuck" or whatever in this creative back alley (I am not passing judgement
in filmings merits or failings as a storyteller) is that it has been
"flavoured" by its technical limitations. Now, if you know those
limitations, at least the significant ones, then there is no longer a
requirement to limit that storytelling technique to just film.

I was a bit pointed because I have heard this so many times before without
getting more of an answer than that. The comment should be substanciated by
more facts to be taken to heart.

"Film's ability to evoke,
>interpret, and suggest has more to do with its removal from, rather
>than its proximity to, reality."

Rob - that has nothing to do with the medium, it is the persons involved in
creating it and their knowledge of the mediums limitations (and
possibilities). All of which can be carried out in video. I would challenge
to add that if you showed progressive videos lack of these limitations,
these creators would use it to their creative advantage.

Narrowing it down, why would 24fps be related to the better storytelling in
scientific terms?

I dont think there is a reply to that, more than just simple human
conditioning - we are used to see a certain story in a certain set of
circumstances and that is what we expect. I also think that "us" in the
business are more prone to this conditioning than for instance the new
generation of viewers (jeez makes us appear old doesnt it?).

The other reply would perhaps be that we may be able to subconciously to
register temporal rates and make an association with the content type.

/Mike Reichel

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