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Re: 480P - Anyone know what this is?

On Jul 20, 10:57, "Mikael Reichel" wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] 480P - Anyone know what this is?

> >more to do with fiction vs. non-fiction.  Film's ability to evoke,
> >interpret, and suggest has more to do with its removal from, rather
> >than its proximity to, reality.
> But that is precisely my point. The reason film has "fallen into",  "got
> stuck" or whatever in this creative back alley

a favorite phrase comes to mind, "it's not a bug, it's a feature"
(although in this case we might say, "it's not a bite, it's a

I'm reflecting on your idea and would like to suggest that perhaps
film has not "got stuck", rather that 24fps is so widespread because
it works, in production and in the theatre. 

> The comment should be substanciated by
> more facts to be taken to heart.

though of course there is science in art, and vice versa (see Gilberto
Gil's most recent CD, "Quanta"), may I suggest that when art is
dissected and magnified, its meaning recedes.

> Narrowing it down, why would 24fps be related to the better storytelling in
> scientific terms?

because it is evocative and beautiful, and better sometimes to learn
by suggestion than by analysis.

> I dont think there is a reply to that, more than just simple human
> conditioning 

ah, but you would reduce the art of film to cold facts, and deny the
presence of sentiment, of impreession.

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