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Cost of telecine operation

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the list, and have never operated a telecine, so please 
excuse my relative lack of knowledge in this area.  The UCLA Film and 
Television Archive has recently acquired a Rank Cintel IIIB which will be 
used to make films from our collection available to researchers, and to 
make transfers for film production students.  

I am responsible for figuring out what this machine (which I am told is 
in good condition) will cost to maintain, and what to expect in terms or 
wages for a part-time (20-25 hours a week) operator.  
If any of you have experience with this or similar telecines I would 
greatly appreciate hearing your estimates.  Additionally, we will need to 
contact people for service, parts, and training in the Los Angeles area.  
I would welcome any recommendations you might have, or you can feel free 
to contact me at UCLA if these are services you provide.  My e-mail is 
jimf at ucla.edu and my phone number is 310-206-5390. 

I have been observing your list for a few weeks and I have been quite 
impressed with the creative commentaries exchanged on the list.  I look 
forward continuing my education, and to being a small part of the 
telecine world. 

Thank you

James Friedman
Manager, Archive Research and Study Center
UCLA Film and Television Archive
310-206-5392 (fax)
jimf at ucla.edu

Thanks to Bob Festa and Rick Dean for support in 1998.
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