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RE: RE Heavywoks vs Avid Film Composer

What I had heard was that lightworks "recreated" the 24 fps when creating
the lists while Avid actually digitized with this information and it
actually followed through the whole process.  What does this change?  I
actually don't know, for I have never tried it, but I was told by some
editors (and others) that it was a "safer" process.

Does anyone else have any information on this subject?

Maybe my sources and I need more information about the possibilities (and
perks?) of lightworks !?!?

Marc A. Rousseau

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>> As far as I know, the Avid Film Composer is the ONLY non-linear system
a true 24FPS.  If you are going to do feature films, I would definitely go
with this system.  If my information is correct, Lightwork and Heavywork
systems, recreate the 24FPS (with a possibility of creating errors). <<

Lightworks has been handling 24 frame feature work very successfully
for several years.   I work with editors using Lightworks cutting 24/25 PAL
and 24/30 3:2 pull down NTSC rushes and I am not aware of them having
problems due to errors caused by the Lightworks system.

I also work with Avid cutting rooms and I believe that both non linear
systems import their material from tape using basically similar processes,
so I'm not sure what you mean by "a true 24fps" with respect to Avid.

Jim Guthrie,
Sprockets & Bytes,
Bristol, Denham, Soho.

  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 22-Jul-1998

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