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<<Ever seen still standing (or backwards running) carriage wheels on the

cowboy - indian chase?>>

You forget about Helicopter blades here my friend. Doesn't the same effect
happen in video originated material?
Also you seem not to actualy read my responses, or you would not reply to my
statement about video originated images looking "Wrong" to me by saying that
24 FPS transferred to NTSC is bad. I was saying that I did not like the way
motion looks at 29.97.
Please Mike, I cannot continue this discussion with you, unless you wish to
address my points. Mostly though your arguments for changing the frame rate
and frame size, seem to stem from problems associated with transfering, and
"coding" Film images to video. Isn't that like saying that Mozart's work is
horrible, because Jimmy ( age nine) can't play it well on his piano? I like
the look of film, at 24 FPS. It has a wide lattitude, and large tonal scale.
Why try to lowere the quality of the film image? Won't that only lessen the
quality of the final video image? Or perhaps is that the goal? Why shoot film
if, after all the "CODECS" have been applied, and the image has been
constrained when it was first captured to make it easier to compress.
Eventually restricting the imaging capabilities of film, to make it easier to
be compressed, edited, color adjusted, changed at the last moment,and
broadcast will end up only destroying the "LOOK/FEEL" of film. When that
happens all we will see ANYWHERE, will be artifacted, compressed, low
resolution images. Cheaper to send those through distribution networks than
than uncompressed images.

Steve ( I think I've made clear my thoughts on this topic) Gladstone

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