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Re: Film safe action/title

Dear Martin,

to avoid confusion with all the different formats and specifications, 
you can always use the same relationship between "TV Transmitted", 
"TV Safe Action Area" and "TV Safe Title Area" for orientation.

Always start with the "Full Frame" or "TV Transmitted Area", 
for 4 : 3 (1 : 1.333) Aspect Ratio and for 16 : 9 (1 : 1.778).

The "TV Safe Action Area" is 90 % of the above width and height.
That means that you'll have to mark an inner frame with the distance
of 5 % of the total picture width on the left and right edge of your
frame, as well as a distance of 5 % of the total picture height on the
top and bottom edge of your frame.
The picture should be technical clean over the whole TV Transmitted 
Area, but every action should happen inside the TV Safe Action Area.
That's what will receive every consumer TV set (they can't switch to 
underscan like we do). And they needn't care about blanking edges and 
first and last transmitted TV lines, because they'll never see it.

The "TV Safe Title Area" is more narrow. The sense is that film titles 
shouldn't sit in the corners or on the edges of the consumer TV set.
This area is 85 % or 80 % (depending on the rules of the broadcast 
station) of the TV Transmitted Area, horizontally and vertically.

Take care: The viewer masks of film cameras normally have two marks, 
TV Transmitted and TV Safe Action (if a TV-mask is used). The outer 
marks are then the more important ones, but unfortunately sometimes
not designed clearly. The visible inner frame will be TV Safe Action.
In the language of motion camera rentals there is sometimes no 
difference between the mentioned areas, they just call it "TV Safe".

But that's also o.k., because the drawing of a TV Safe Title Area 
makes really no sense in a film camera's viewfinder, you'll never
shoot titles with a camera.

Best regards,

Stefan Sedlmeier
Engineering Manager
ARRI TV Produktionsservice GmbH  Tuerkenstrasse 95  D-80799 Muenchen
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