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24 frame operations in Lightworks

The Lightworks offline products (Lightworks Turbo and Heavyworks) have a
24fps mode which, like the Avid's, allows a user to digitize and edit in a
24 frame environment.  You can only cut on 24 frame boundaries in a second,
and pictures displayed on the graphics monitor are displayed at 24 per
second.  All film codes (Keykodes, camera codes and ink codes) are stored
internally and are accessible to the editor while editing, as is a foot and
frame counter for durations and edit lengths.  Film cutting lists are based
on internal codes or can optionally be based on an external database which
can be easily modified on any laptop computer to reflect changed codes
(though telecine facilities never get it wrong...).

I'm not sure where the idea of "recreated" film codes came from, though I
know it's been floating around Hollywood (and the rest of the world?) for

Hope this clarifies things.

John Portnoy
Lightworks Editing Systems

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	What I had heard was that lightworks "recreated" the 24 fps when
	the lists while Avid actually digitized with this information and it
	actually followed through the whole process.  What does this change?
	actually don't know, for I have never tried it, but I was told by
	editors (and others) that it was a "safer" process.

	Does anyone else have any information on this subject?

	Maybe my sources and I need more information about the possibilities
	perks?) of lightworks !?!?

	Marc A. Rousseau

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