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Heavywoks vs Avid Film Composer a

Marc-Antoine Rousseau 22/07/98 15:44 :
> What I had heard was that lightworks "recreated" the 24 fps 
> when creating the lists 

Jim Guthrie 22 07, 1998 11:19
> Lightworks has been handling 24 frame feature work very 
> successfully for several years.   I work with editors using 
> Lightworks cutting 24/25 PAL and 24/30 3:2 pull down NTSC rushes

Considering the original question is coming from Mohit Shetty
Bombay who is working in a PAL environment, it should
be fair to mention that Lightworks is currently the only NLE 
which handles real time transfers under the "24+1" mode.
This mode allows a telecine to run at the original camera speed 
of 24fps and nevertheless deliver 25fps PAL images carrying
100% frame accurate Keycode data.

24+1 relies upon the telecine pulldown which makes 3 fields out of 
the 12th film image and 3 fields out of the 24th, thus delivering 
50 video-fields out of 24 film-images. 
To accurately insert Keycode information into the duplicated
video fields, a special marking derived from the NTSC 3:2 is used
a1a2   b1b2 ... k1k2  l1l2l3(12th)  m1m2 ... w1w2 x1x2x3 (24th) a1a2 
Lightworks exploits this sequence and generates perfectly accurate 
negative cutting lists from these 24+1 transfers which deliver 
real-time, pitch-correct sync sound rushes.

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