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Re: S/graph

>Just had a call from someone who went to Miami for the show.  He told me
>that the Discreet stand was full and the Quantel stand empty.  I told
>him that was likely to happen as its a graphics show and  Quantel isn't
>so interesting to graphics people.
>Am I right?

Siggraph was in Orlando Ken, but anyway....;-)
Graphics and computing are all related to the future of film transfer IMHO.
I rate Siggraph as the most important show after NAB. Film is now digital
and there are constant challenges in how to deal with this beautiful medium
in a sympathetic and efficient way.

Discreet's stand was busy yes, Quantel, I feel have lost their way and
resorting to price cutting as a reason to purchase their systems. Editbox
and Henry under threat from Avid and Softimage solutions and the quick and
dirty Domino with it's limited tools being touted as the post houses ticket
into digital film. I firmly believe that companies should have a passion in
the products and industry that they sell into, sadly I see this lacking in
so many exhibitors as I hurry around these shows with my notebook. 
Discreet have their controls, shareholders to please, growth to show but
they have a elegant product in FFFI  (Inferno* etc) that never ceases to
thrill me. This is the focus, not the company but a truly elegant product.
Quantel for me will become a must see at shows when they listen for once and
offer us a tool set that can excite. This excitement we can sell. Our
clients don't care how much we pay for a Henry. They have their project and
want us to help them make it a success. Simplicity.
Quantel (and they are not alone) are like many British companies in that
they think they know best for us all, which is very insulting (and I'm
British!). Java 5D plugins on Quantel that run at the speed of treacle are
not  exciting products. Talking to their clients and helping them to solve
problems with workflow and create fast powerful tools is the right approach.
The product is king not the company.

SGI have listened hard and were telling key people in the industry their
plans (after NDA signing in a private room) and importantly listening to
ensure they get it right and give us the product we need. Very flattering,
very humble.....very impressed.

It's good to see new companies on the scene and a fresher approach with a
hunger to succeed.
SHAKE from Nothing Real is a good example. A product that is growing, fast
and lean and their marketing approach clear and relaxed. They had no booth
as we know, simply a circle of sofa's with the workstations in the center.
The experience was similar to an unplugged concert! 
This is a product to watch for the future.

These are just my personal thoughts, just jaded at seeing the same old
things with a lower price tag and being offered them as the "Future, this is
what you need".  I don't think so........where is the passion?

Paul Grace
Rushes - London

Thanks to Grace & Wild and Digital Vision for support in 1998.
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