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Re: S/graph

In a message dated 98-07-25 18:39:35 EDT, Ken wrote:

<< [ ... ] the Discreet stand was full and the Quantel stand empty.  I told
him that was likely to happen as its a graphics show and Quantel isn't so
interesting to graphics people. 
 Am I right? >>

Hi Ken,

The Quantel booth did indeed appear to be less crowded than Discreet's at
Siggraph this year.  As for the reason why, I don't think it is quite so
complicated as interest or lack thereof.  Quantel gets the award, IMHO, for
having the most low-key booth at the show.  It was a big, brightly lit space
mostly empty except for a counter, a few signs and tablets and monitors, and a
corner walled off to display Domino--their cornerstone product.  Nothing going
"kaboom" on the screens, no loudmouth announcers, nobody prancing around in
skin-tight outfits.  People who wanted to learn about Quantel's products were
there, but those just looking for a diversion passed it by.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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