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Re: is reality a good thing?

> All of which gives a new meaning to the phrase "photo-realism": (does
> have to look _less_ than real to look "real") : and leaves me
> three things:-
> 1.    If photography liberated the painter from the need to represent
> "reality" and allowed her/him to move on to cubism, surrealism etc,
> will be /has been the corresponding effect of video and digital
> on photography and cinematography?

	Digital imaging liberated photo and cinema from reality, not just on
the aesthetic side but in story telling as well, Caro and Jeunet wrote
"The City of Lost Children" keeping in mind digital imaging could make
it possible, there are many other examples.
	As far as color correction is concerned, it has definitely brought
something to advertising and music videos, with limits pushed further
everyday, although I don't know if it is the lack of more powerful
tools or if people are getting fed up with sophisticated pictures but
there seem to be a trend for more "real" colorgrading like Kodachrome
of 60's, documentaries with faded colors. Here in the UK the
commercials that got all the awards had hardly any post, some of them
were shot in video, it seems that the futuristic look had its days,
todays look is either 50's Technicolor, 30 years old 16 reversal, or
flat and ugly like video, the geek look: authentic. Just a few

	Regards to all
	JC Soret

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