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Re: 16 x 9 Production

  Hello Lorne,
 You wrote..
> Does anyone have a list of current network shows or MOWs that are
> transfered in 16 x 9?  Is there any technical info (articles in
> SMPTE or else where) on image quality, the type of equipment used
> and if there are any down sides.  I am interested in this for a
> super 16mm MOw but any info on 35mm would be helpful.  
  I don't have any lists of shows, movies, etc. but we have done a 
few TV shows in anamorphic squeezed format.  We have not been using 
the wide screen NTSC format but merely squeezing in the sides so all 
the picture information is on the video tape.  From these source 
tapes the TV show is conformed,  audio laid back,  and color 
corrected.  From the colorcorrected master, the show is then fomatted 
through a K scope into 4x3,  letterbox, or left as squeezed.  This 
gives them a master tape that can be upconverted into HDTV 16 x9 as 
well.   I don't have any references to this only that we have done it 
in the past and will start a MOV transfer in this format next week.  
For S16 it is really easy as the camera aperture is the whole 
picture.  For S 35 they really need to shoot a chart that shows the 
area of picture they want to see.  What actually goes home in 4x3 
mode is really the very center on the S35 frame.  Less than 3 perfs 
high and the center of the frame.   Think of it as center extracting 
the 1:77 area of a S35 film frame.   
  If the post production is done like this,  they only need to do one 
film transfer, one audio layback, one colorcorrection, etc.    
  Hope this helps,  call me if you have any questions....
  Yours truly,
David Warner  
Filmgroup at Crawford Communications
tel  404-875-5403  fax 404-875-4908
dnwarner at crawford.com

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