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Re: 16 x 9 Production

>  HDTV 16 x9 as
> well.   I don't have any references to this only that we have done it
> in the past and will start a MOV transfer in this format next week.
> For S16 it is really easy as the camera aperture is the whole
> picture.

For anyone about to do a S16 to 16x9 transfer The camera aperature IS NOT
the whole picture. S16 is 15x9(1.66), not 16x9(1.77). We bought a test film
from the UK (I think the company is BKSTS but I may be wrong) that indicates
correct 16x9 framing for S16 film. Some people have complained about his
test film being less than great (resolution test patern problems I think),
but it is an accurate framing reference.
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