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Re: Skid Plates

>Is there a good aftermarket skid plate avalable for a super 16mm Rank
>gate as well as 16mm Rank Gate?  We are looking to improve the
>performance of our factory gate.  Is there a good quality test film
>avalable to determine the weave performance of the skid plate.  Is the
>SMPTE weave and jitter film of good enough quality>

I believe the SMPTE film was originally designed to check projectors and may
not have the precission you're looking for when analyzing telecine weave.
>Lorne Miess
>Senior Colourist
>Studio Post & Transfer
>Edmonton, Canada
Peterson (sp?) based outside Chicago (they make wet gates too) make a skid
plate for orig. Rank gates w/o lens.  They are represented by Options.  I
don't think it'll necessarily improve weave.  The best solution for steady
16mm (for Ranks) is Steadi Systems' Super 16mm RTS gate; also available from
Options.  This gate has ceramic guides on both sides.  It's much improved
over the Rank gate with the one sided guide roller.   Skyview has one and it
is works well.

Greg Dildine
Skyview Studios

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