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Re: Universal code reading head

Peter Balfour 13/07/98 22:03 :

> ..evaluating Timecode Reading systems for installation 
> in our Telecine Suite. One interesting item to come on the 
> market recently 5550 Decoder & UV-3 Universal Film Data Reader 
> from Evertz. With it's dual code and dual film size 
> reading capabilities [..]

Summer vacations made me open your July 13th TIG mail quite late
but when I saw your "dual code" reading by a non Aaton licensed 
manufacturer, I knew I had to clarify the situation.

The patented AatonCode matrix data lay-out has never been 
published but "reverse engineering" allowed some 
companies around to find the receipe and announce so called 
AatonCode readers. The non-universal non future-proof nature 
of these 'r-engineered' readers made them fail.

EVOLUTION of the Species
Thanks to the proprietary nature of its matrixes, AatonCode can 
regularly be improved to fulfill demanding users' requests.  
For example the latest generation (due IBC 98) is more 
resistant to operators' wrong ISO settings, and offers a 
'better than clapstick' half-frame accuracy capability.
No longer reverse-engineerable ;-) these new matrixes are
only readable by Keylinks currently featuring an AatonCode 
reader option.
I hope this enlightens your evaluation of Timecode reading 

* Note for TiGers not familiar with film Timecode systems:
- AatonCode records dot matrixes in Sup16/35mm Aaton, 
Panavision and Moviecam cameras; it can be installed in BL4s.
- ArriFIS records barcode in Sup16 & 35mm Arri cameras.

Jean-Pierre Beauviala    tel +33 4 7642 9550      www.aaton.com

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