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Analog Still Stores

Been awhile since I've been on and glad to see the expansion of this
great resource!

I'm trying to find a good cheap (isn't that always the case) still store
for a Bosch FDL-60, Da Vinci Classic combination telecine.  Preferably
running componant or Y-R-G-B.  I've seen some good independantly
designed boxes but don't have access to any of the creators.  If any one
has any advice on a model they have liked or used please respond or if
you have an old or new one for sale I guess you could respond to me
directly so as to ride the fine line of marketing protocol purity.
These older telecines are being given a second life in film schools now
where trickle down technology has allowed nonprofit institutions to make
this procedure (albeit in limited quality) accessible.  Wish my school
had had one as both being great for the accessiblity, it will help
students be able to speak in a language more universal to the art of
telecine when the students become your clients.
Second question is does any one know if you can take the betacam SP dub
style 12 pin cable (the only one working out of the Da Vinci currently)
and break it out into the traditional betacam (Y, R-Y, B-Y) componant
signal without a processing device?
Answers to these questions would be greatly helpfull to our fledgling

Thank you to anybody who has the time and knowledge to respond to this.
And thanx to Dr. Pepper for queries already answered.

Skot Kuiper
Academy of Art San Francisco MPV dept.

Thanks to Match Frame Austin for support in 1998.
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