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Fibre Channel film objects

Hello, all:

I am sending this on behalf of Michael Pugh, who is responsible for writing
the portion of the Fibre Channel Audio/Video standard (FC-AV) which deals
with FC containers, and the various types of objects (data) that may be
transported in them. Already defined object types include uncompressed
video, uncompressed audio, compressed video and/or audio streams, and
ancillary data (which includes timecode, film data blocks, etc.).

The FC-AV working group needs help in defining an object type for
transporting film images. What we are really looking for is a person who is
familiar with the requirements for moving film images across a network, in
particular the parameters which must be present in order to decode the data
at the receiving end. Any assistance, hints, wish lists, etc. will be
gratefully received!

If someone among the subscribers to the TIG would be interested in helping
with this task, they should contact Michael Pugh at mpugh at gv.net.



Tom Montgomery
tmontgom at miranda.com

Thanks to Match Frame Austin for support in 1998.
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